Community Groups

Locations & Leaders


Leader: Erik Aleckson, Dick Herzog

Monticello Area

Leader: Matt and Jenny Arant

Elk River East

Leader: Phil and Emily Thompson

Please contact us for meeting times, locations, topics, and activities. Continue reading for more information about the vision and purposes of Community Groups. 

What are Community Groups?

Community Groups at Glory of Christ Fellowship are more than a typical small group Bible Study but less than the “corporate” church. The focus of our Groups is on doing “life together” for mutual growth in Christ by applying God’s Word to all of life, praying for one another throughout each week, and reaching out to the surrounding community with the love and hope of Christ. Our Groups are one of the means we use to fulfill Jesus' gracious command to love one another as he has loved us (John 13:34-35; 15:12, 17).

Community Group Care

Our primary goal for Community Groups is to foster a truly engaging, helpful, and trusting environment, where people feel free to share their lives and help one another in word and deed.  Community Groups are one of the main venues for “life together” at Glory of Christ. As such, we seek to help each other in practical ways, counsel each other, and equip each other by skillfully engaging in biblical conversation, prayer, and action.

Community Group Outreach

Our secondary goal for Community Groups is to engage our surrounding communities. We desire to do “life together” for growth in Christ and also to do “life together” as a means of reaching out to those who don't know Jesus. Therefore, our Groups may host outreach events, go on prayer walks, engage in personal evangelism, or reach out to those who are weak and hurting in our area. Our groups also seek to invite unbelieving friends and family to our meetings so that we can share in daily life with them and demonstrate the love of Christ.

If you have any questions about Community Groups, please feel free to contact our Pastor for Community Life, Pastor Kevin.


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